Mequitta Ahuja speaks at Depaul Art Museum on May 15, 2013

On Wednesday, May 15, 2013, War Baby / Love Child artist Mequitta Ahuja, who is featured on the book cover and exhibition promotional material, spoke about her practice as a painter and her strategy of “Automythography” (see her work at: at the DePaul University Art Museum.

Co-curator Laura Kina and artist Mequitta Ahuja with DePaul student and Art, Media, & Design faculty Bibiana Suarez, Annie Heckman, and Paulo Cabal, May 15, 2013.

CAN TV filmed the event and will air the entire lecture in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out Mequitta Ahuja and co-curator Laura Kina’s interview about the show and Mequitta’s work on Vocalo radio (90.7FM).

Mequitta Ahuja, Molly Adams, Laura Kina, Brian Babylon at the Vocalo studio May 16, 2013


Mequitta Ahuja at Vocalo radio (90.7FM)

Albert Chong (b. 1958)
Portrait of the Artist as a Victim of Colonial Mentality, 1979/2010, 2010
Photo transfer on marble tiles
48 x 48 in.
Courtesy of the artist

I don’t think you can say anything meaningful with abstraction, period. There’s no way of doing the narrative; it needs representation to communicate — Albert Chong

Albert Chong’s grandfathers were Chinese and his grandmothers were Black Jamaican, and he was raised in Jamaica until he moved to New York at age nineteen. His 1979 photo, Portrait of the Artist as a Victim of Colonial Mentality, was staged with symbols of colonial oppression, and re-imagined in 2010 transferred onto marble tiles, perhaps symbolizing a solidity of presence often denied to the Black Chinese of Chong’s parents’ generation in Jamaica.