Project Director
Laura Kina

Coeditors / Co-curators
Laura Kina
Wei Ming Dariotis

Featured Artists
Mequitta Ahuja, Albert Chong, Serene Ford, Kip Fulbeck, Stuart Gaffney, Louie Gong, Jane Jin Kaisen, Lori Kay, Li-lan, Richard Lou, Samia Mirza, Chris Naka, Laurel Nakadate, Gina Osterloh, Adrienne Pao, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Amanda Ross-Ho, Jenifer Wofford, and Debra Yepa-Pappan.

Additional Contributing Artists (book only)
Kaili Chun, kate hers, Laura Kina, Guston Sondin-Kung, KimSu Theiler, and Maya Weimer.

Contributing Authors
“Foreward” by Kent A. Ono
Wei Ming Dariotis, Camilla Fojas, Stuart Gaffney, Rudy Guevarra, Jr., Eleana J. Kim, Richard Lou, Margo Machida, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Lori Pierce, Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, Ken Tanabe, and Wendy Thompson-Taiwo.

DePaul University Art Museum

Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

University of Washington Press

Web Design
Jan Christian Bernabe, Hello Curio, Inc.

Artwork, audio, video provided by contributors to War Baby / Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art
Chris Naka – Editor
Laura Kina and Wei Ming Dariotis – Producers
Featuring excerpts of artist and author interviews with: Albert Chong, Wei Ming Dariotis, Serene Ford, Kip Fulbeck, Jane Jin Kaisen, Laura Kina, Richard Lou, Chris Naka, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, and Adrienne Pao.

National Endowment for the Arts, Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, DePaul University, and San Francisco State University

Exhibition – Major funding from the National Endowment for the Arts “2012 Museums – Art Works” grant to DePaul University; DePaul University (Office of Research in Academic Affairs 2011 support, DePaul University Art Museum, and 2009-14 Saint Vincent de Paul Professorship research funding); and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.

Book – Major funding from Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation and San Francisco State University (César E. Chávez Institute, spring 2010, and from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the College of Ethnic Studies, spring 2012) as well as contributions by DePaul University.

Research – Laura Kina would like to acknowledge DePaul University grant funding and fellowships that made this project possible: 2009 – 10 Humanities Fellowship, Liberal Arts and Sciences Summer 2010 Research Grant, Liberal Arts and Sciences 2009 – 10 Student Research Assistant Grants, 2010 University Research Council Grant, the Presidents’ Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity sponsorship of the Critical Mixed Race Studies conference “Emerging Paradigms in Critical Mixed Race Studies,” November 5 – 6, 2010, and 2008-10, and Art, Media & Design travel funding.

Video and Website – 2012-13 Saint Vincent de Paul Professorship research funding.

Additional event and programming support – see co-sponsorship details for each.